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Area Code Boundaries

Area Code boundaries from Tele Atlas.

Area codes represent geographic areas or boundaries that are typically covered by hundreds of telephone exchanges or service areas. The North America Numbering Plan is a system of numbering telephone serving areas with three-digit area codes (NPA) and seven-digit telephone numbers that directs telephone calls to particular regions on a public switched telephone network, where they are further routed by the local network.

Use Area Code Boundaries for:
  • Network planning
  • Defining coverage
  • Call volume analysis
  • Sales visualization
  • Customer location

Area Code Boundaries details:

Area codes are contiguous and potentially overlapping geographic areas. Due to the high demand for telephone numbers, area codes are continually split, reshaped and "overlayed" (two area codes in the same area). In most cases, mobile telephone numbers are included in an area code. However, with the advent of local number portability and non-geographic mobile phone plans, an area code number may not correlate to a particular geographic area.

Note: Area codes and LATAs do not necessarily share boundaries; many LATAs exist in multiple area codes, and many area codes exist in multiple LATAs.

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