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Drivetime by Guzzler™

Guzzler Drive Time uses the road network exclusively.

Guzzler is the most accurate drive time engine on the market. Guzzler can be used to generate both drive time (isochrone) and drive distance (isodistance) polygons and tabular values.

Use Guzzler with Tele Atlas Data for:
  • Produce drive time and drive distance polygons
  • Create trade areas
  • Network optimization
  • Realistic target marketing
  • Append drive time and distance to your customer file

Guzzler details:

Guzzler is a drive time engine that follows the road network exclusively. Most competing tools create polygons that deviate from real road networks, arbitrarily cutting through neighborhoods, lakes, parks and other "undriveable" areas.

Guzzler follows Tele Atlas MultiNet® drivable road segments by going outward from a point towards the nearest intersection in all drivable directions. As it reaches each new intersection, the system keeps track of the amount of driving time. A buffer is then added to each road segment based on the off road speed and the time remaining to capture the majority population that lives within a very small distance to the road (driveways, parking lots, etc.). Guzzler enables drive time polygons to be refined based on any parameter available in the underlying data set, for example, "normal" vs. "rush hour" traffic, one ways, traffic circles, cul de sacs, etc.

Using Guzzler behind business intelligence solutions will make significant differences in your decision making capabilities. More often than not, access to stores is greatly affected by natural and man-made barriers, such as mountains, rivers, bridges, railroad tracks or highways. Guzzler is a realistic way to create trade area approximations for convenience shopping scenarios, when consumers are less likely to travel longer distances for certain types of goods. The accuracy of drive time polygons strongly impact strategic marketing initiatives such as network optimization, efficient and well-conducted direct mail campaigns, objective trade area designation, estimating demand in new markets, and defining demographics in your current markets.

  • Creates isodistance (drive distance) and/or isochrone (drive time) polygons
  • Run as a one off or in batch mode
  • Precision comes from using road network exclusively
  • Use street network derived from Tele Atlas MultiNet
  • API available - Guzzler is not a standalone application
  • Interfaces with Alteryx, Allocate and MI Guzzler for MapInfo Professional

MI Guzzler™

MI Guzzler is a plug-in for MapInfo Professional (v8.5 and higher) and gives the user an easy to use interface to the Guzzler engine. MI Guzzler allows the user to generate polygons around a single location, around multiple locations in "batch" mode and can append time and distance results to the users table. In addition, MI Guzzler can create a drive time or drive distance matrix between many points/locations in different tables.

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