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Alteryx Explorer™

Explorer used within an Alteryx module.

Alteryx Explorer is an extremely fast geocoding engine. Geocoding is the art and science of parsing, cleansing, standardizing and assigning a longitude and latitude value to a tabular record, making the record mappable.

Use Alteryx Explorer for:
  • Geocoding to street level
  • Geocoding to ZIP+4 level
  • Applications requiring alignment with Tele Atlas MultiNet®
  • Added module enables CASS certification

Alteryx Explorer details:

Using matching algorithms that help identify, clean, and code files; Alteryx Explorer is very fast and provides accurate address matching. Due to its speed, the larger the file the greater the need will be for Alteryx Explorer. Tests have shown Alteryx Explorer processes a 1 million record consumer file in roughly 16 minutes. That's about 1/3 the time of leading competitors.

Alteryx Explorer includes Tele Atlas MultiNet address dictionary and geometry precision. Updated four times a year, Alteryx Explorer Tele Atlas provides you with the most accurate available address information.

Alteryx Explorer also comes with the option to CASS certify record level databases. CASS is a designation for address files that meet the US Postal Service quality standards and allows you to be eligible for bulk discounts on postal fees. The Alteryx Explorer CASS module updates address fields, CASS certifies customer files and is updated bi-monthly.

Alteryx Explorer is an engine, not a standalone application. It has no user interface. Alteryx Explorer interfaces with Alteryx, Allocate and MI Explorer™ for MapInfo Professional. An API is also available.

MI Explorer is a plug-in for MapInfo Professional (v8.5 and higher) and gives the user an easy to use interface to the Alteryx Explorer engine. MI Explorer allows the user to geocode a single address or run in batch mode.

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Unit Of Sale:

  US, State




  1, 2, 3 Years

Aligns With:

  Tele Atlas MultiNet®

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