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Location Matters to Financial Services

The financial services industry is undergoing consolidation at the national level and expansion at the local and regional level. For banks and other financial institutions, the science of site selection as well as network and market analysis has never been more important.

Whether your mandate is to expand a network of ATMs, combine branch offices, or grow your customer and revenue base, geospatial Tele Atlas data from Tele Mart can help you achieve your objectives. We offer intuitive data sets enabling you to create a clear picture of customers and markets, as well as share information with key decision makers, wherever they are located.

Tele Mart is a leading value-added reseller of products, including specific banking industry databases and demographics. With our solutions and/or consulting services you can:

  • Identify and track competitor locations and market movement
  • Perform "what if" analysis to determine profitable acquisition, expansion, or consolidation strategies
  • Analyze the demographics and purchasing behaviors of current customers to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Conduct market penetration studies to identify opportunities for growth
  • Dramatically improve site selection decisions by analyzing all variables relevant to a location or network
  • Optimize routes for delivery and pickup vehicles traveling among branches and ATMs

Location is a strategic asset in the banking industry.

Find out why many leading financial institutions make use of Tele Mart 's solutions to leverage location in a profitable way, by contacting a Tele Mart Data Specialist at 844.440.1630 or chatting live with us now .

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