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Location Matters to Healthcare

Hospital groups, managed care organizations, employer groups and third party administrators (TPAs) operate in a competitive environment for delivering healthcare. Many now rely on geospatial Tele Atlas data from Tele Mart to make critical decisions about healthcare services, network expansion, regulatory reporting and risk management. In addition, pharmaceutical companies use our solutions for target marketing, management and territory planning.

Our customers in the healthcare sector use location in key strategic areas to

  • Understand the overall health and morbidity of a population in any area
  • Analyze health care coverage to identify gaps or inefficiencies in services offered
  • Match their network of healthcare specialists and providers to the needs of the population
  • Offer members, patients and others "provider-locator" applications to help locate and select healthcare providers
  • Choose optimal locations for new hospitals, outpatient clinics or offices
  • Deliver in-home medical services more efficiently

As costs of delivering healthcare continue to rise, providers and administrators must do all they can to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. With the data from mapping and location-based data solutions from Tele Mart, healthcare planners can select optimal sites to best serve patient populations by contacting a Tele Mart Data Specialist at 844.440.1630 or chatting live with us now .

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