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LATA Boundaries

LATA boundaries from Tele Atlas.

The LATA Boundaries dataset consists of polygons representing the 3-digit Local Access and Transport Areas (LATAs) that were created as part of the breakup of AT&T. LATAs are regulatory boundaries unique to the telecom industry and define when it is necessary to use a long distance carrier.

Use LATA Boundaries for:
  • Network planning
  • Market analysis
  • Regulatory compliance

LATA Boundaries details:

LATAs represent the geographical area of the breakup of the original AT&T into the "Baby Bells" or created since that time for wireline regulation. Generally, a LATA represents an area within which a divested Regional Bell operating company (RBOC) is permitted to offer exchange telecommunications and exchange access services. RBOCs are generally prohibited from providing services that originate in one LATA and terminate in another.

LATA boundaries tend to be drawn around markets, and not necessarily along existing state, province, or even area code borders. Generally, each LATA contains a single major metropolitan area. Also, some LATAs cross over state boundaries.

Note: Area codes and LATAs do not necessarily share boundaries; many LATAs exist in multiple area codes, and many area codes exist in multiple LATAs.

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