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MapMarker™ US

Make your database records mappable with MapMarker Plus.

MapMarker US is the premier geocoder for mapping and analyzing tabular data. Geocoding is the art and science of parsing, cleansing, standardizing and assigning a longitude and latitude value to a tabular record, making the record mappable.

Use MapMarker Plus for:
  • Geocoding large tables in batch mode for fast results
  • Geocode interactively to maximize the number of matches and to control error rate
  • Geocoding to street addresses, parcel center, ZIP Code and ZIP+4 centroids
  • Standardizing addresses to meet USPS CASS requirements

MapMarker US details:

MapMarker US, Pitney Bowes Business Insights' powerful geocoding tool, is the first step toward mapping and analyzing your tabular data - adding geographic coordinates to the records in your database.

The engine in MapMarker US makes this product platform independent. MapMarker US is available as a stand alone desktop application or used in a server deployment.

MapMarker US matches records against its comprehensive address dictionary, a database of US Postal Service street addresses, parcel centroids, Tele Atlas MultiNet® geometry and the latest ZIP+4 centroids.

Powered by Tele Atlas MultiNet street network data, MapMarker US can locate millions of addresses with street level precision. Combining the largest number of street segments, with a greater number of addresses, MapMarker US delivers up to a 30% increase in hit rate at the street level compared to the standard (TIGER) MapMarker. MapMarker US gives you greater control, while spatially enabling your data.

The latest release of MapMarker US will help you achieve increased positional accuracy with patent-pending algorithms that improve street-level interpolation techniques - as close as 75 feet on average - to out perform other competing geocoders.

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  1, 2, 3 Years


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