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Location Matters to Media/Advertising

If you sell media and advertising services, you need to show clients where they can get the most "bang for their buck". That's where geospatial technology and mapping solutions from Tele Mart come into play.

You'll not only create a competitive advantage for yourself by providing compelling maps for sales presentations, you'll also help clients gain on their competition by showing where their marketing efforts will achieve the greatest return by answering these questions:

  • Which newspapers have a circulation that will best reach your clients' existing and potential customers?
  • Where can billboards be placed to be the most effective?
  • Which radio stations reach a profiled target audience or modify the message to better match the buying behavior of a given area?
  • On which buses or subway cars should we advertise?

In addition, direct mail efforts can be greatly enhanced by using market-leading geospatial Tele Atlas data from Tele Mart to profile market areas and to identify where response will be greatest, all the way down to carrier route detail. Marketers can save significant money on production and mailing costs and achieve better response rates by more effective geographic targeting.

Call 844.440.1630 or chat online now with a Tele Mart Data Specialist to help you:

  • Win more business from your advertising and marketing clients.
  • Determine optimal media outlets based on your clients' objectives.
  • Better target and increase response rates on direct marketing campaigns.

Tele Atlas is the market-leader in spatial data for accurate geocoding, routing, and mapping.  Tele Mart is your source for Tele Atlas GIS Data.