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Getting Tele Atlas GIS data for your Oracle Spatial database has never been easier!

Tele Mart offers Oracle Spatial users Tele Atlas's data in “Oracle Delivery Format” (ODF). Tele Atlas’s ODF data is supplied in the standard Oracle formats for mapping and location analysis, geocoding, and for routing.
The ODF data can be delivered utilizing Oracle’s transportable tablespaces for fast and easy installation of continent-sized content (for instance the United States and Canada), or let us create smaller areas if you only need state, province, or county-sized data sets.

Tele Atlas ODF data works with Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g. The Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware (including Oracle MapViewer and JDeveloper), coupled with the Tele Atlas content provide all of the necessary functionality to meet the demanding requirements of Enterprise GIS, Location-enabled Business Intelligence and Analytics, and can be used to add location content and analysis capabilities to any Oracle Application.

Tele Atlas’s ODF format also includes preconfigured maps, allowing Tele Atlas content to be displayed in Oracle’s MapViewer right out of the box. In addition, Oracle’s Map Builder allows easy customization of maps to preserve/create your corporate identity/branding if desired.

Tele Mart offers these Tele Atlas ODF products:

  • Tele Atlas ODF Display
    • Tele Atlas content for mapping and location analysis
  • Tele Atlas ODF Find
    • Tele Atlas content for mapping, location analysis, points of interest, and geocoding
  • Tele Atlas ODF Guide
    • Tele Atlas content for mapping, location analysis, points of interest, geocoding, and routing

Let us help get you started with consulting services/education.

Are you new to Oracle Spatial or do you need help implementing your applications? With our expert training capabilities and consulting services offerings we can help you achieve your goals quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Tele Mart offers Oracle Spatial users Tele Atlas's GIS data suite in the format you need. We have enhanced many of Tele Atlas's products to make them simpler to use, more visually appealing and easier to buy.

Tele Mart has over 10 years of hands-on experience in the spatial industry. Having a seasoned guide who knows the way is invaluable. Leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships to find the best GIS data for your applications.