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Tele Atlas Address Points

Point Addresses from Tele Atlas.

Tele Atlas Address Points delivers the ultimate in accuracy by pinpointing discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings or property parcels.  Address Points is a mappable file of over 53 million US addresses. It features very precise longitude and latitude coordinates, extracted by locating the property parcel and then moving the point to be near the adjacent Tele Atlas MultiNet Street geometry.

Use Tele Atlas Address Points for:
  • Data visualization
  • Precise geocoding and routing
  • Address standardization
  • Navigation and Internet mapping
  • Emergency preparedness

Tele Atlas Address Points details:

Tele Atlas Address Points is built and verified in the field, enabling a highly reliable and usable point address. Tele Atlas collects the base data from over 3,000 counties and numerous taxing authorities across the US. Special tools are used to verify address accuracy, remove duplicates and repair errors.

The current file includes over 53 million addresses or about 55% of the US population. Tele Atlas is continually expanding the quantity of addresses.

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