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Traffic Patterns displayed using MultiNet

Speed Profiles allows drivers to accurately predict travel times and are a measure of typical traffic flow for a specific road and time.  Speed Profiles data are the foundation for predictive traffic modeling.

Use Speed Profiles for:
  • More accurate route planning
  • Improve trip time estimates based on likely traffic conditions
  • Efficient route optimization
  • Save time and fuel
  • In vehicle or LBS navigation applications

Speed Profiles details:

Speed Profiles is derived from the aggregation and processing of hundreds of billions of anonymous GPS measurements from millions of devices that reflect actual driving patterns across North America and Europe.  The data helps determine realistic average road speeds for different times of day and days of the week.  To ensure a high degree of accuracy, the 110 million miles of roads in the covered areas have been driven an average of 2,000 times.

Speed Profiles is a tabular file and does not include geometry. It must be used in conjunction with Tele Atlas MultiNet® Guide for routing and mapping purposes.

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