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US Carrier Routes

US Postal Carrier Routes

A postal carrier route is the group of addresses to which the US Postal Service assigns the same code to aid in mail delivery. Tele Atlas Carrier Routes is boundary that encompasses this group of addresses.

Use Tele Atlas Carrier Routes for:
  • Precise target marketing
  • Direct mail management and analysis
  • Delivery management and analysis
  • Service area design and management
  • Sales territory design and management
  • Customer profiling and new customer acquisitions

Tele Atlas Carrier Routes details:

There are approximately 600,000 unique carrier routes in the US. Of these, approximately half are assigned to P.O. boxes, and the other approximately 300,000 carrier routes represent "boundaries" or delivery areas. Area size of the boundary ranges from the smallest walked by a city postal worker to the largest driven by a rural highway carrier. Since there are about 40,000 5 digit ZIP Codes in the US, there is an average of 15 carrier routes per ZIP Code. Carrier routes allow marketers to be much more precise than using a much larger ZIP Code area.

Note: Carrier routes use a 9 digit ID, which should not be confused with a ZIP+4.

Carrier Routes are updated monthly to the highest US Postal Services standards, including the CASS Certification process. They are aligned to Tele Atlas MultiNet® for both accurate and easy to use map presentation.

  • Updated monthly, with each release of US Postal Service data
  • USPS CASS Certification Compatible
  • All Carrier Routes, including residential and business
  • Centroids for PO Boxes, Rural Delivery and Unique ZIP/Routes are available
  • Correspondence Databases that establish the relationships between ZIP Codes / Carrier Routes and census / political geographies.

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