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For the most up-to-date, in-depth digital street network, Tele Atlas MultiNet is the clear choice. The Tele Atlas MultiNet digital street network database is built using the industry's most extensive development process-to compile, test and retest data on the road. MultiNet is unrivaled in its depth, richness and accuracy.

Use Tele Atlas MultiNet for:
  • GIS applications
  • Web mapping applications
  • Enterprise database applications
  • Geo-marketing applications
  • Mobile & fixed asset management applications
  • Call center & dispatch applications
  • Public organization internet applications
  • Applications requiring mapping, geocoding and routing

Tele Atlas MultiNet details:

Whether you need a base map for display, geocoding or routing, Tele Atlas MultiNet delivers. You'll find MultiNet onboard most in-vehicle navigation systems sold in North America and Europe.  MultiNet is the de facto standard for popular web mapping sites like MapQuest and Virtual Earth.  MultiNet is used in a broad range of location based applications and services, and provides the most complete, feature rich and positionally accurate geographic reference system available.

Tele Atlas starts with the most up-to-date, reliable source material. Where road information is not available, researchers create it using high-resolution imagery. Field crews then drive the streets to collect and verify basic information, such as street names and address ranges.  The crews also obtain more detail on navigational obstructions and limitations for the Tele Atlas Transport product, like restricted vehicle height and weight limits, turn restrictions and other data (over 200 attributes per street segment) which enables applications to better route vehicles. 

To ensure maximum flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness, Tele Mart offers you three products to choose from:

Tele Atlas MultiNet® Guide - for display, geocoding and routing applications.
Tele Atlas MultiNet® Find - for display and geocoding applications.
Tele Atlas MultiNet® Display - for display purposes.

MultiNet provides you with a plethora of digital base map layers that complement and complete your map display, including streets of all classes, parks, water features, points-of-interest, political boundaries and much more. 


Review the Comparison page for more details on the layers and features of each MultiNet product.

You can select the area/geography, file format, update frequency and projection that best meets your needs.  Tele Mart offers three unique color schemas along with improved highway shield layers for MultiNet. 

Tele Atlas MultiNet offers:
  • Block level address ranges
  • Superior positional accuracy
  • Detailed turn restrictions
  • Comprehensive road network connectivity
  • Z levels (height relative to tunnels and bridges)
  • Exit and entrance ramps, including signage
  • Industry's largest points-of-interest (POI) databases
  • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual update options
  • Available for US, Canada, Mexico and Europe
  • Available by county, province, state or entire country
  • Delivered in numerous GIS formats
  • Several coordinate system and projections available
  • 30-day evaluation available

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  US, Canada, Mexico, Europe

Unit Of Sale:

  US, State, County




  1, 2, 3 Years


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