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MultiNet® Post US ZIP Codes

US 5 Digit ZIP Codes

Tele Atlas ZIP Codes includes both 3 and 5 digit ZIP Codes for the U.S. featuring files with boundaries and files with point ZIP Codes for each state, DC and Puerto Rico which can be used for geocoding. In addition, a "waterless" version of the 5 digit ZIP Code boundaries is included.

Use Tele Atlas ZIP Codes for:
  • Visualizing your data at the 3 or 5 digit ZIP Code level
  • Target marketing
  • Creating territories or trade areas
  • Geocoding your customers or business locations at the ZIP Code level
  • Point-in-polygon analysis
  • Site selection

Tele Atlas ZIP Codes details:

Tele Atlas ZIP Codes comes with four ZIP Code file types for optimum performance on your particular application:

  • 5 digit points (centroids), includes P.O. Box ZIP Codes, which is optimal for geocoding
  • 5 digit waterless boundaries, for thematic mapping with simplified area shading
  • 5 digit waterfull boundaries, for thematic mapping with more detailed area shading
  • 3 digit waterfull boundaries, for thematic mapping with area shading
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