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Location Matters to Telecommunications

Virtually every decision you make as a telecommunications service provider involves a geographic dimension.

Where is my network infrastructure located?

Where can I offer service?

Where are my customers located?

Where should we expand?

Where is the problem in my network?

Tele Mart can provide answers to these questions and many more related to engineering, operating, marketing, and selling telecommunications services. We offer Tele Atlas's market-leading spatial data for geographic analysis, mapping, data visualization, and improved decision making. From detailed industry-specific telecommunications (i.e. wire center, rate center, area code and LATA boundaries) and street network data, to results-oriented consulting services, you can take advantage of the depth and breadth of our products and expertise to help you solve these key challenges:

  • Capital planning - Prioritize build out and capital expenditures, assess potential infrastructure sites, and identify partner opportunities and competitive threats by analyzing coverage, license boundaries, competition, and market potential.
  • Marketing - Identify areas ripe for new service offerings or spot target marketing opportunities by mapping coverage data, regulatory areas, customer information, and demographics into a single view that helps focus your marketing strategy.
  • Network engineering and operations - From modeling network scenarios to spotting trouble areas and dispatching crews to make repairs, location-based solutions give you a clear picture of the performance of your wireless or wireline network.
  • Customer service - Provide customer service reps with real-time coverage information and network status to address customer inquiries on service offerings and service problems.

Turn to Tele Mart as your single source for Tele Atlas's premium telecommunications and street network data. We also provide other spatial and tabular data that complements Tele Atlas's data, such as business and consumer demographics, regulatory boundaries, and much more. Chat online now with a Tele Mart Data Specialist or call at 844.440.1630 for information on consulting services, training, and ongoing support to ensure your success.

Tele Atlas is the market-leader in spatial data for accurate geocoding, routing, and mapping, and Tele Mart is your source for Tele Atlas GIS data.