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Location Matters to Transportation

With the cost of every driven mile rising dramatically, companies that have a fleet or field workers to manage must operate at peak efficiency to maintain profitability. If you have people or vehicles on the road and need to manage efficient pickup/delivery operations or assign field service workers, you can benefit from market-leading Tele Atlas transportation and logistics data solutions from Tele Mart.

You will be able to solve complex local and/or long-haul route problems in minutes rather than hours and dramatically increase the level of customer service and operational efficiency in your organization. Our data solutions enable you to use automated tools to quickly create, map, and optimize routes based on the following:

  • Customer locations and types
  • Volume and time requirements
  • Regulatory and physical restrictions
  • Traffic patterns
  • Road network distances
  • Vehicle costs and capacities
  • Customer time windows
  • Work time parameters
  • Dispatch parameters

Key benefits of utilizing Tele Mart's logistics data solutions include:

  • Fewer driven miles resulting in lower fuel expenditures and less wear on vehicle
  • More efficient routing, meaning fewer vehicles and drivers are required
  • More responsive customer service
  • More stops possible per day

Your customer data, work rules input and our transportation data will help deliver measurable results for your business. For a reduction in time and money required to run your transportation operations and an increase overall satisfaction, chat online now with a Tele Mart Data Specialist or call at 877-973-6400.

Tele Atlas is the market-leader in spatial data for accurate geocoding, routing, and mapping.  Tele Mart is your source for Tele Atlas GIS Data.