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For more than 25 years, Tele Atlas has been the world’s most trusted source of fresh, rich, and accurate digital maps and dynamic content. Tele Atlas developed the first in-vehicle navigation system, the first navigable digital roadmap of Europe, and were the first to deliver 3D city maps and landmarks.

Today the MultiNet comprehensive map database covers 15% more countries, 20% more roads and 25% more people than competing maps. From an ever-growing catalog of more than 25 million Points of Interest (POIs), to dynamic traffic content that allows consumers and transportation-reliant businesses to save time on their routes, to an expanding array of 2D and 3D features that are revolutionizing the appearance of digital maps, Tele Atlas delivers!

With roads changing an average of 15% per year, countless users of Tele Atlas technology have avoided trouble spots and saved time and money with accurate, expert guidance to their destinations. Today Tele Atlas maps are constantly refreshed with professional sources as well as real world experience and feedback from millions of drivers worldwide. In fact, certified tests have shown that Tele Atlas maps in North America and Europe are rated the highest for quality and reliability.

Our sole focus is to develop the industry’s best digital mapping solutions to grow your business.

Tele Atlas and Tele Mart are committed to delivering a new generation of maps, dynamic content and routing intelligence so our customers can better differentiate themselves, be more competitive, and create the best experiences for navigation, enterprise and LBS applications users around the world.

Tele Atlas MultiNet truly delivers the most accurate and feature rich digital street network product available.